To encourage for proper utilisation and equitable distribution of resources available from community forests to improve the socio-economic condition of deprived sections of community

FECOFUN Press Release

FECOFUN organized an interaction program in Kathmandu with an ....
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Organizational strucuture

With economic, administrative and managerial autonomy, but under an integrated and uniform policy, FECOFUN shall have the following organizational structures:
District FECOFUN
National FECOFUN

The tenure of office FECOFUN at all levels.
National FECOFUN - 4 years
District FECOFUN - 4 years
District FECOFUN - 4 years

Financial Resources:
The federation shall have a separate fund of its own. The fund shall comprise the following amounts:
1Amount received from fees, such as membership fees, entry fees, renew fees, etc.
2Grants, donations, or assistance received from any individuals or institutions.
3Grants received from Donors, INGOs and bilateral Projects with prior approval of Nepal Government or of foreign countries.
4Amount collected from members and staff as organizational fees and amount earned from consultancy.
5Amount collected from FUGs as service charge.
6Amount earned from selling of publications.
7Amount received by the Federation from any other sources.