Capacity Building of Local Communities (LCs) And Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) On REDD+ In Nepal (CBLC)

Project Description:

The project “Capacity Building of Local Communities and CSOs on REDD+ in Nepal (CBLC Nepal)” is sub-awarded by ANSAB being the recipient of FCPF grant under the Asia-Pacific FCPF project. The main objective of this sub-project is to enhance the knowledge and capacity of targeted LCs and their representative CSOs including IPs, Women, Madhesi, Muslims, and youth on major aspects of REDD+ through different innovative approaches. The specific objectives of the sub-project are as follows:

-        Capacitate local communities and CSOs of the local and national level in the light of their needs and requirement on REDD+

-        To create enabling environment for the regular meetings, interaction, discussions, and dialogues among CSOs through CSO alliance and between CSO and government authorities for the implementation of National REDD+ Strategy and other REDD+ programs

-        Promote and support for the full and effective participation of local communities in the implementation of ER program and benefits sharing with adequate information, knowledge, skills, and capacity on the basic aspects of REDD+.

The project starts from February 2022 and has an implementation period of 9 months. The project will focus on Emission Reduction Program area: consisting of 13 districts in the TAL (Terai Arc Landscape) region of Nepal. This project will add to FECOFUN’s previous experiences in REDD+ and related strategies, and/or issues related to forestry. The organizational Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) is applicable for this project.