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FECOFUN publishes different kinds of publication materials related to natural resources in general and community forestry in particular. These materials include books, diaries, calendars, and posters, regular and final reports of different programs, reports of general assembly of FECOFUN central and publications of district branches of FECOFUN. These publications play crucial role to make community forests users aware on legal, practical, principles and process. Some of these publications have been published with partnership with different organizations and some have been published by FECOFUN alone. To improve forest status and to make community forest inclusive (social and political) FECOFUN has been publishing posters, pamphlets, books and others different materials.

FECOFUN publishes a monthly magazine named Voice of Community Forest in Nepali Language to raise the voices of community level. The main objective of this magazine is to make aware to people, to bring the voices and rights of community in discussion. This covers community levels stories, problems and voices of community, different programs of advocacy and other aspects of community forestry. Some important publications of FECOFUN are. Contact for the publications

Nepal Forest Management: Policy, Law and Process (Nepali) contact for this publication
Application of Forest Certification in Nepal: Achievements and Possibilities (Nepali) contact for this publication
Community Forestry in Media and Local Development (Nepali) contact for this publication
Surroundings of Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (Nepali) contact for this publication
Community Forest in Terai: Principles and Practices (Nepali) contact for this publication
Resource Booklet for Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Biodiversity (Nepali) contact for this publication
Training Manual for Facilitation to Community Forestry Formation (Nepali) Please contact for this publication
Legal Provisions for Community Forestry in Nepal (Nepali) Please contact for this publication
Law of Community Forestry Management in Nepal: a Review (Nepali) Please contact for this publication
Report of Forth National Council of FECOFUN (Nepali) Please contact for this publication
Community, Forests and Law of Nepal: Present State and Challenges Please contact for this publication
Peoples Issues for Constituent Assembly Download
Study Report on the Understanding on Federalism among community People New document download
Voice of Community Forest (Samudayik Ban Awaj) (Nepali)
Open Letters
Publications of District Branches Please contact for this publication