To promote cooperation and mutual good-will among FUGs through sharing of experiences and to maintain interrelationship between groups, between FUGs and FECOFUN, and also, between FUGs and other stakeholders.
To coordinate with Government agencies and other different non-government organizations to establish networks among interest-groups and to promote interrelationship between FUGs and related institutions.
To keep continued campaign, to ensure inclusiveness, social justice, good governance and deepen democracy in FUGs and within its organizational units.
To encourage for proper utilization and equitable distribution of resources available from community forests to improve the socio-economic condition of deprived sections of community.
To sensitize the concerned authority for removing practical defaults of Government policies and laws, and also, to draw attention of Government of Nepal for amendment to avoid confusion and disputable interpretation of policy and laws during program implementation.
To contribute in creating awareness on existing forestry policy and laws among FUGs to retain the rights of users, to induce a sense of collective action and to adopt dynamism in forest management and other forest development initiatives by securing the interests and welfare of community forest users.
To support conducting income generation activities to improve the economic condition of forest users. And to organize demonstration events and on-site research initiatives in order to inspire FUGs for achieving self-courage, self-reliance and for employment opportunities.
To provide legal and technical consultation, and other essential services to FUG based cooperatives and companies and to impart services for them in forest product marketing.
To initiate result-oriented support to FUGs for promotion and expansion of forest certification to meet the requirements of world-wide markets of forest products. And also, to encourage alternative and renewable energy adoption in communities.
To implement programs related to basic services like education, health, drinking water scheme, communication, transportation, etc., at community level.
To initiate promotional actions like studies, research, reflections, dialogues, analysis, etc., on forestry, environment, climate change, forest based entrepreneurship, green jobs, clean development mechanism, bio-diversity, alternative energy, and tourism. Likewise, studies on legislation, guidelines and projects related to these sectors for formulation of user-friendly proposed policies, laws and strategies with consultation of stakeholders; and finally to submit it to concerned authorities for amendment.
To create awareness among user groups about endangered species and importance of bio-diversity with initiation to promote and encourage the traditional knowledge of local community in management of bio-diversity and protection of endangered species, and then to establish a conducive environment to have dialogues among stakeholders for collaboration in such an endeavor.
To support the interest of users and other community developmental needs for improvement of regular community development processes and to evaluate and monitor the results of implemented programs to meet the set goals.
To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the National FECOFUN coordinates with MFSC/DoF at central level and the respective District FECOFUNs maintain collaboration with District Forest Office, local bodies, related line agencies and other stakeholders.

Working Proceduers
To achieve the defined objectives without jeopardizing unanimously accepted provisions of the Constitution and based on periodic vision, strategies and programs as approved by the third National General assembly, FECOFUN shall undertake the following activities through collaboration and coordination with governmental, non-governmental organizations, civil society, projects and international donors.
Organize or participate in the meetings, workshops, interactions, seminars with a view to build capacity of FUGs on various programs like community forestry, agro-forestry , bio-diversity, medicinal plants, income generation activities and environmental conservation .
Mediate and cause to mediate or make necessary arrangements to resolve conflicts among FUGs.
To assist FUGs across Nepal in establishment and consolidation of FECOFUNs according to the organizational structures as defined in this Constitution.
Provide technical assistance in FUG formation and forest handover process especially in the areas where there is no external support for such an activity.
Conduct and cause to conduct studies and researches on forestry, environment, bio-diversity, climate change, wild life management, forest based entrepreneurship and marketing of forest products to disseminate useful information to concerned stakeholders and scholars. And , publish bulletins and books, produce audio-visuals and sell those publications for income generation.
Promote or encourage mutual cooperation among National bodies, organizations, local authorities and other institutions for conserving forests of Nepal, bio-diversity and the environment(included within objectives).
Conduct indepth discussions with FUGs through its organizational units, under close consultation with District FECOFUN before policy decisions directly concerned to community forest and users.
Offer feedback and contribute to policy formulation process to retain the rights of forest users. However, there has to be a balanced cooperation with different bodies, unions, civil societies, projects and political parties in the consultation process.
To facilitate or cause to facilitate in marketing of forest based products of FUGs, local FECOFUN and District FECOFUNs in national and international markets.
Perform or cause to perform all other programs or activities to achieve the set objectives.
To implement a special program to develop leadership capacity of targeted groups. (The target groups are marginalized, minorities, backward class, Indigenous people, women, Dalits, physically handicapped, hinterland, youth, Madhesis, Terai people, ultra-poor, and people from remote areas).
To develop green jobs through enterprises based on sustainable forest management and agro-forestry management.
To maintain the institutional memory, the experiences and learning of previous office bearers of FECOFUN at all levels and that of other CF activists through institutionalization.